Which Apple Watch Straps Are Waterproof?

Which Apple Watch Straps Are Waterproof?

To a lot of Apple Watch users, this technology is very useful and becomes part of you at all times, including in the water.

While the I-Watch is actually resistant while inside of water, it can only be underwater for short periods of time.

It is highly capable of being worn performing water-related activities such as swimming and diving.

However, you will need waterproof Apple Watch straps to reap the full benefits of the I-Watches' water-resistant abilities. I recommend Silicone bands for these sorts of occasions because they are comfortable and extremely durable.

There are bands made out of liquid silicone rubber and others made out of thin silicone threads.

Both materials work amazingly in drying up quickly and being resistant to sweat. These Apple Watch bands are elastic and flexible, which enables comfort on the user's wrist.

Most importantly it's easy to slip on and off your wrist while securing itself perfectly around your wrist.

Top 5 Apple Watch Straps that Are Waterproof

Solo Loop Band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.

 1. Solo Loop Band

Let's begin with the Solo Loop band! This Apple Watch band is made out of liquid silicone rubber, a material that is silky and smooth on the user's wrist.

I love this strap because it's water and sweat-resistant. You can count on this I-Watch band to keep your wrist cool throughout intense workouts and at the same time stay dry.

You see water easily slips off this watchband, so if you're into swimming this band is for you. Also, if you are a person who sweats a lot & hates it, I believe this I-Watch strap is for you.

Some of the best features of the Solo Loop strap is its durability. The user can expect this band to be flexible and truly adjustable for them.

With this band, you can literally use it for anything. It works well for athletes, business gurus & more.

Both men and women enjoy this band because it gives off a sharp and trim look on the wrist. Reap the full benefits of this Apple Watch band today.

  1. Made from liquid silicone rubber.
  2. Stretchable design with no clasp.
  3. Easy to slip on and off your wrist.
  4. Silky and smooth band finish.
  5. Water and sweat-resistant band.
Regular Sport Band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.

2. Regular Sport Band

Like the Solo Loop, the regular Sport band performs well in wet environments such as the pool, rivers, lakes, and more.

This Apple Watch band is made out of liquid silicone rubber, a material that easily slips water off.

It dries very quickly and is super easy to clean as well. I love to wear this band while swimming and exercising, mainly because it feels comfortable on my wrist.

When it comes to the Sport Band I'd personally rate it a 10/10, mainly because of its durability and resistance to water.

It's truly a flexible I-Watch strap that is adjustable for anybody. Along, with features for comfort, it is a lightweight band that enables motion on the user's wrist.

I highly recommend the Sport band for people who love getting into wet environments and want to stay dry all at the same time.

  1. Flexible band that's super adjustable.
  2. Comfortably wraps around the wrist.
  3. Water and sweat-resistant watch band.
  4. Lighter band for swimming and running.
  5. Made out of liquid silicone rubber.
Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.

3. Nike Sport Band

If you prefer to keep your wrist cool during intense workouts that have to do with water sports such as swimming then the Nike Sport band is for you.

The Nike Band is designed with a series of air holes conditioned to enable quality comfort for the user.

This Apple Watch band is made out of top liquid silicone rubber, a material that promotes waterproof qualities.

You can use this band whilst inside of water, with water easily slipping off and drying within a matter of seconds.

You can honestly use this watch band for anything, especially to personalize your style.

The Nike Sport band works perfectly for athletes, especially when exercising. I recommend this watch band because it's adjustable, with a secure hold, and gives a trim look at the same time.

It's super flexible and comfortable on the user's wrist for over 24 hours. For anybody concerned, this I-Watch band is one of the best for intense body motion and is specialized for athletic individuals.


  1. Air hole design that keeps the user's wrist cooler.
  2. Made out of liquid silicone rubber material.
  3. Lighter and more pleasant for intense workouts.
  4. Water and sweat-resistant Apple Watch band.
  5. Flexible and adjustable band for anybody.
Sport Loop Band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.

4. Sport Loop Band

The Sport Loop Band is one of my favorite I-Watch straps because of its soft, breathable, and lightweight design.

This band is made out of double-layer nylon weave, a material that allows wet sweat and moisture to escape.

I like to use this band at the gym, during intense workouts because it works very well for me since I tend to sweat a lot.

If you are one of those people then I highly recommend this Apple Watch band for intense workouts.

If you are worried about security, this band solves just that! The Sport Loop band is securely anchored with a hook-and-loop fastener, enabling a stronghold on the user's wrist.

It doesn't feel too tight and is adjustable for anybody, promoting complete comfort no matter the occasion.

I like to wear this strap to the gym, school, and even work. The main reason is that it is super durable and I know that I can rely on it to protect my Apple Watch.


  1. Soft, breathable, and lightweight design.
  2. Features hook-and-loop fastener.
  3. Made out of double-layer nylon weave.
  4. Allows moisture and sweat to escape.
  5. Band is securely anchored for stronghold. 
Braided Solo Loop Band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.

5. Braided Solo Loop

Let's take one final look at the Braided Solo Loop, a top trending band that all Apple Watch users love.

This smartwatch band is interwoven with thin silicone, a material that is both sweat and water-resistant.

The material used in this I-Watch band is super breathable, enabling airflow and promoting a cooler feel on the user's wrist.

I recommend this watch band because of its ability to allow moisture to escape and dry quickly.

One more quality I love about this Apple Watch band is how flexible it's made. It enables true comfort since it is adjustable for anybody and easy to slip on your wrist.

It's built for working out at the gym or simply matching it with one of your favorite outfits.

You can find all of our I-Watch bands in sizes 130-200mm today, including Braided Solo Loop! Find the right size for you today and get standard shipping straight to your residence.


  1. Super sweat and water-resistant band.
  2. Band is interwoven with thin silicone thread.
  3. Flexible and elastic band enabling comfort.
  4. Allows water and moisture to escape.
  5. Band fits well enabling a trim look on the user. 

There you have it, the top 5 waterproof Apple Watch bands that are trending on the market! All these watch straps are designed to resist sweat and water while keeping your wrist cool at the same time.

You can rely on these bands to reap the full benefits of your I-Watch whilst in the water. All these straps have the ability to dry quickly and are super easy to clean.

Discover new Apple Watch straps that you can personalize your style or fashion with.

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