About Us

Time Seals is on a life mission to provide all Apple Watch users with protective accessories for their IWatch. Our priority is to inform our audience that there are ways to care for their smartwatches. First there's glass damage, the most and probable form of damage that is preventable. Here your IWatch is vulnerable to the screen display being shattered through hard falls to the ground. 

Second, there's LCD damage, which will cause the touch function to stop working properly. Usually this form of damage will show colored spots on the screen or even lines. Preventing LCD damage is a life saver because it can be costly to replace or repair your IWatches screen. In the long-run users can reap the benefits of a case or screen protector for their Apple Watch.

Finally, there's component damage, which will damage the processors and the motherboards of your Apple Watch technology. This form of damage is caused by exposure to water for long periods of time, allowing liquids to slip into the display and buttons of your IWatch. Another possibility are broken buttons that may be contaminated with dust, which may cause functions to overheat.