What Is the Nike Apple Watch Band Made From?

What Is the Nike Apple Watch Band Made From?

The Nike Sport band; is made from high-performance fluoroelastomer, a custom material that drapes comfortably across your skin.

I prefer this I-Watch band because of its compression-molded perforations for breathability. This Apple Watch band is highly durable, yet it has a soft feel on the user's wrist.

Comfort Above All

Nike Sport band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.


The Nike Sport band is a regular Sports band designed; with an array of holes. But that's what makes this I-Watch band unique.

This simple design makes this strap more flexible and lightweight- and something I found myself wearing during a running session. I even wear this smartwatch band casually at home.

I enjoy wearing this band while exercising at the gym mainly; because of how comfortable it feels.

If you are; somebody who is constantly active and your day consists of heavy motions, then this band is for you.

I can tell many athletes wear this band, and I'm not surprised. This band is custom-designed to; be adjustable for just about anyone who prefers comfort while in action.

About The Design

Six Nike Sport band for Apple Watch 38-40mm and 42-44mm.


Here's the thing I love about the Nike Sport bands design. Every time I went on a long run, I never had to worry about adjusting or prying it back tight.

Keep in mind my wrists were sweaty, but the perforations helped move air onto my skin, enabling my skin to feel; cooler.

Even though I had just adjusted my watch band before going on a long run; while I was running, it was flexible and moved with my wrist so much better.

I'm so glad this band is lighter than the rest and does not weigh down on me during intense workouts.

Adjustable Band Sizes

The Nike Sport band is available in band sizes 130-200mm for your wrists. It works with case sizes 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm.

You can find that this watch band is very adjustable for anybody. You'll notice that this I-Watch band comes with an innovative pin-and-tuck closure that ensures a clean fit.

Most importantly, you'll be able to have control over adjusting your band just in case it feels too tight or too loose.

At first, I didn't think of getting the Nike Sport band. It wasn't until I discovered the Celestial Teal with Black accents that I fell in love with the new I-Watch Sport band.

At first, I was surprised because of all the holes in the I-Watch-band. After I bought the Nike Sport band, I thought it looked like the Sport band, and I fell for its unique features.

Here's a list of my favorite Nike Sport band styles:

  1. Anthracite/Black
  2. Pure Platinum/Black
  3. Obsidian Mist/Black
  4. Blue Black/Bright Mango
  5. Spruce Aura/Vapor Green
  6. Pride Edition


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